Polyphase Modular Smart Electricity Meter

Polyphase Modular Smart Electricity Meter for Residential , Commercial & Industrial and Grid Metering

Key Feature

  • Measurement of active (bidirectional), reactive (4-quadrants) and apparent energy
  • Maximum demand measurement
  • High accuracy and stability (class 1, 0.5S, 0.2S)
  • Exchangeable communication modules
  • Backlighted, large figure LCD display
    Up to 8 energy tariffs and 4 demand tariffs
  • Integrated tariff clock
  • Up to 10 profile types (billing data, power quality data, M-Bus)
  • Power quality monitoring (over-voltage, undervoltage, over-current, etc)
  • Measuring of harmonics and THD
  • Registration of line and transformer losses
  • Optical interface and Electrical interface RS485
  • DLMS/COSEM protocol with IDIS package 2
  • Support of application Firmware download
  • High-level security (encryption and authentication)
  • Simultaneous communication on all channels
    Wired M-Bus interface (option)
  • Real time clock (RTC) back-up with supercap and internal battery and external battery (option)
  • Multiple log files for event registration
  • Extensive I/O features
  • Load limitation functionality
  • Advanced Anti-Tampering features: Terminal cover, main cover and module removal detection, magnetic field, phase and power failure detection

Technical Specification

Nominal voltage 4-wire, 3 systems
3-wire, 2 systems
3 x 58/100V; 3 x 230/400V; 3 x 57,7/100 ... 230/400 V 3x 100V; 3 x 220V
3 X 100 V; 3 x 220 V
Nominal / maximum current Indirect Connection
Direct Connection
1(2) A; 1(6) A; 5(6) A; 1(10) A; 5(10) A; 5(15) A
5(60) A; 5(80) A; 5(100) A
Frequency   50 or 60 Hz ±5%
Temperature / Environmental influences Temperature
Ingress protection
Protection class
Operation: -40°C... +70°C Storage: -40°C... +85C
95% rel. humidity, non-condensing
Class II to IEC 62052-11
Accuracy class Indirect Connection
Direct Connection
Class C or B(EN 50470-3); Class 1 (IEC 62053-21);
Class 0.5S or Class 0,25 (IEC 62053-22)
Class B or A (EN 50470-3); Class 1 or 2(IEC 62053-21)
Electro-magnetic Compatibility Surge withstand
1.2/50 us (EN 50407-1)
Insulation strength
EMC Conditions
6RV, Rsource = 40 Ω
Auxiliary circuits 6kV
4kVms, 50 Hz, 1 min.
Real time clock Accuracy
Internal/External battery
Crystal<5 ppm=<3min./year (at Top=+25C)
1 day; charging time 50 hours
5/8vears lwithout main nawer
Internal tariff saurce Acc. EN 62054 8 tariffs, 4 seasons, weekday dependent tariff scheme
Display Characteristics
number of digits
digit size
Read-out without power
Type: LCD liquid crystal display backlighted
Value field: up to 8; index field: up to7
Value field: 4x 8 mm; index field: 3x6 mm
With external battery (option)
Power supply Type
Auxiliary Power Supply
Transformer based power supply - operating with failure of two phase
or one phase and neutral
<1,1W; <2,3VA per phase 50 or 60 Hz
48..230V AC/DC (Optional)
Inputs and Outputs (option) Control-or alarm-input
Output (S0standard)
Output (electronic)
Bistable mech. relay
Max. 2: Control voltage Un +/-20%
Max. 2: Acc. IEC 62053-31; Class A (max. 27 V DC)
Max. 4: 12 to 230 V [AC/DC] (+15%); 100 mA
Max. 2: 230V AC (+/-15%); 10A
LED output Type/ Number
Meter constant
2 LEDs kWh / kvarh
Communication Interfaces Optical
Electrical (option)
communication module
Infrared, half-duplex; max. 9600 bps; DLMS/ EN62056-21 Protocol
RS485, asynchronous, half-duplex 2 wires; max. 38 400 bps; DLMS/EN62056-21 Protocol
Exchangeable communication module. Access under the terminal cover or sealable with special cover (without removing the terminal cover
Housing Dimensions
Environmental conditions
DIN 43857 part 2; DIN 43859
Polycarbonate (Lexan), partly glass-fiber reinforced, flame-retardant,
self-extinguishing plastic, recyclable
Connections Indirect Connection
Direct Connection
Screw type terminals with cages; p-5.0 mm Pozidrive Combi No. 2
Screw type terminals with cages; 0-9.5 mm Pozidrive Combi No. 2
Weight Indirect Connection
Direct Connection
Aprox. 1.3 kg
Aprox. 1.4 kg

Connection Diagram without disconnector